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BR built two distinctive designs of Banana van, initially following LMS ideas. They went out of revenue use in the 1970s when some had second careers as barriers, again short-lived when air braking became necessary for these.
NOTE – These photographs are low quality scans and may not print well. I will sustitute rescans for larger prints but this may delay production.
B880681_BANANA__m_at Southampton Docks 69-04-17B881061_BANANA__m_at Staines Central 67-01-04B881416_BANANA__m_at Feltham MY 68-04-27ADB881647__m_B881685_RBV_BANANA__m_B881724_80896__m_B881754_RBV__m_B881780_ZRV__m_ADB881839_BANANA__m_at Toton 78-09-17B881889_RBV__m_B881926_RBV__m_B881966_RBV__m_KDB881987_ZDV__1m_KDB881987_ZDV__m_B882000 BANANA @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB882000_RBV__1m_B882000_RBV__m_ADB882017_ZRV__m_B882038_RBV_BANANA__m_B882105_BANANA__m_at Whitemoor 76-11-16

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