BR mainline locomotivesClass 68 for TranspennineRECENTLY ADDED RAILWAYClass 66 Freightliner 66545 66548 66550 66597 66614Class 66 in the UKWindhoff Multi Purpose Vehicle DR980xx & DR989xxClass 66 Direct Rail ServicesFRA-B Freightliner renumbered with additional control cables for push-pullIndustrial Diesel LocomotivesMAB, box bodied conversion of HAAYork Wagon repair works Demolished by 22 May 2021BR Merry go round - pre 1981 - HAA - Air brake hopper wagonsBR Merry go round hopper wagon - 1980 onwards - HAA, HCA, HFA, HMA, RBABR Merry go round - top canopy hopper wagons HAA HCA HFABR Merry go round hopper wagon HDA -  60mph Air brakeLow open infrastructure MHABR Mark 1 coaching stockConserved (preserved) mainline registered coachesBR Steam locomotivesPrototype air brake Bogie bolster C BCA  YNA YVADC920000 92t unique Prototype BLA YNBBR Bogie steel BGA, BHA, BJABR Bogie Bolster D Diag 1/470 LMS diamond bogie BDOBogies on Railway Wagon & CoachesBR Bogie Bolster D Diag 1-472 LNER diamond BDOBSC Shelton, StokeWagon details - PO mineral and other partsBrake riggingABP Cardiff Docks including Tidal Sidings08XXXX SR Internal user seriesBR Internal user ex revenue wagonsBR Bogie Bolster D Diag 1/472 Davis BDV BDW JMV YYWBR Bogie Bolster D, Diag 1/472, unfit, Plate bogie, BDOBR barrier and runner wagons RBV RGQ RRX ZEB ZEX RBX YSW BREAMBuffers on Railway rolling stockStaines Central SR & road trailersMXA DB owned Lobster bogie openDMUs All RegionsBR Banana vans and barriers RBV ZDV ZRVABP Southampton DocksSouthern Region and AreaGeneral infrastructure51t GLW Caustic Soda tanks ICI Mond, Dow, ATO China clay TUA TTAGerman ferry conflat for Aluminium alkyl containersBR Pilchard 20 ton Ballast and sleeper wagon YCOBR Borail Mullet Parr BRA BRV YLA YMA YNPICI tank wagons - pre TOPS, caustic soda bogie nitric ammoniaLNER & BR E Coaching stockLNER 4 wheel NPCCS - CCT (C) andLNER Livestock rolling stock