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A batch of 39 wagons built by BREL Shildon and immediately transferred to BCG ownership. They were largely based on the concepts of the BR MGR coal hoppers, and like them had automatic unloading. Mainly used between Mountfield and Northfleet cement works, in the early 1980s some where working between Newbiggin and Dunbar cement works. They were scrapped in 1993.
Full drawings and details of use are in
Monk-Steel, David (2011) Merry-go-round on the rails. HMRS publishing, Butterley Station, Derbys. 196 pages ISBN 978-0-902835-30-6.
19553 Blue Circle @ Ashford Works 77-07-16 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19561  @ Northcliffe 92-05-10 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19570  @ Tonbridge 89-10-09 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19576  @ Millerhill 85-08-22 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19583 @ Hoo Junction 88-02-06 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19583 @ Hoo Junction 89-11-05 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19585 @ Mossend 84-07-22 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19585 33.530kg Blue Circle Group  Gypsum @ Hoo Junction 89-10-01 © Paul Bartlett wAPCM19586 @ Hoo Junction 88-09-11 � Paul Bartlett wAPCM19589 @ Hoo Junction 88-02-06 � Paul Bartlett w

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