Fisons Weedkiller coaches FA99900 - 06 & tank wagonsGWR Vans - includes specialist designsBorneo Sabah and Sarawak, 2014Falcons & Red Snapper Bogie Box Wagons MLARECENTLY ADDED RAILWAYBritain's railway wagonsMLA Ealnos Network Rail owned Wascosa 81 70 5932 201 - 450Falcons Network Rail Bogie ballast opens JNAWascosa Sgnss FEA-W Bogie Container Flat 81 70 4524 xxxClass 66 GBRf Belmond Royal Scotsman & GBRF 66sClass 66 in the UKCAIB/VTG 86910-69  Bogie tank for Aviation Turbine Engine Fuel TDAClass 56 BR BrushBR mainline locomotivesGBRf VTG Biomass Hopper Fabfanoos IIA 37 70 6955 xxxBR Mark 2 Coaching StockConserved (preserved) mainline registered coachesClass 57Railfreight sector miscellany 1987 - privatisationCoal and minerals loading/unloading methodsWestern Region and AreaABP Southampton Docks08XXXX SR Internal user seriesLMS & pre-group covered goods vans VVV ZRV ZQV YVVBR Internal user ex revenue wagons06XXXX WR internal user seriesEast Somerset Railway Cranmore PreservationLMS & MR Bogie bolster C, D, Borail, SalmonBogies on Railway Wagon & CoachesQueenborough Dock & Sheerness Steel, KentABP Immingham Docks02XXXX LMR internal user seriesGWR mineral wagonGWR Departmental coaches, Pilot vans, Cranes, DW150xxx etcBR DB975100 - 199 seriesGWR and BR Passenger Fruit DBR series DB Coaches and other stock transferred to engineers07XXXX Docks internal user seriesBR DB975300 - 399 seriesBR DB975200 - 299 seriesWestern series DWBR DB975400 - 499 seriesGeneral infrastructureRailway road vehicles, tractor shunter and cranes etcClass 66 EWS & DB SchenkerYork Wagon repair works Demolished by 22 May 2021Pullman coaching stockFreightliner container flats built post privatisation FEA, FRA, FSA153385 57385 Network Rail Video Inspection Unit VIU3BAA,  BKA, BSA Steel carriers