GWR / WR Siphon G'sBR mainline locomotivesClass 70 for Freightliner & ColasRECENTLY ADDED RAILWAYBR Covhop wagons CHO CHP CHV CCO CCP CCV CZVBBA, BLA, BXA and BWA  in use as coil carriers.BBA , BLA , BXA and BWA steel carriersOn track plant, large cranes etc.Single bolster - BR, LMS, LNER match runner ZSR ZSP ZSO YYP02XXXX LMR internal user seriesLNER single bolster and other steel carrying wagonsBR Internal user ex revenue wagonsBR open merchandise as HYBAR COIL KYVBR (LMS) open merchandise corrugated end OWV ZGVBR (LNER) steel open merchandise OHV ZGVABP Newport Docks07XXXX Docks internal user seriesBuffers on Railway rolling stockWagon details - PO mineral and other parts06XXXX WR internal user seriesPowell Duffryn Wagon works, Maindy, CardiffBR air braked Bogie bolster D, lever brake BDA, BEA, BFA, BMA, BTA, YAA, YVA,Overhead line maintenance & S&T cable wagons and coaches etc.Class 08 and 09 BR Shunters , industrialsBR Conflat A wagons and containers FAV ZYV ZSV ZRV ZXA ZVVBritain's railway wagonsBR air braked Bogie bolster D, hand wheel brake BDA, BEA, BTA, YAA,EWS 60ft 68ton flat container wagon FCA, FXA & FYAGWR Vans - includes specialist designs04XXXX ER internal user series783xx Donelli & Secmafer track relayersBR Lowmac MS/WP/ISO diagram 2/253 & 2/243VTG Ferrywagon BR registered 2 door 1st design Perrier Tiphook EWSBR B type RCH Containers - BD, BC, BKYork Wagon repair works Demolished by 22 May 202173xxx, 74xxx & 98xxx Tamper & Liner, Switch & CrossingClass 66 EWS & DB SchenkerBR Bogie Bolster D, Diag 1/472, unfit, Plate bogie, BDOVTG Bitumen tanks Zaefns 35 70 7790 000 - 029Class 37s -  English Electric type 3Network Rail Measurement Train 43013, 43014, 43062 & 43257, 43274, 43290Class 43 HST power car81 70 5831 xxx JNA-Y Network Rail open convert of MRADepartmental coaches - post privatisationThe White Rose 09-04-2022 Tysley to YorkBritish and German registered VTG/Tiphook ferry coil steel hood KIBEastern/North Eastern Region and AreaClass 47 Brush type 4 DieselRC11900 Silo PDABR Mark 3 coaching stock