Nene Valley RailwayBR Mark 1 coaching stockConserved (preserved) mainline registered coachesBogies on Railway Wagon & CoachesRECENTLY ADDED RAILWAYBR Standard van with plywood door VVV ZVV ZDVBR Banana vans and barriers RBV ZDV ZRV04XXXX ER internal user series06XXXX WR internal user seriesSPA transfer to engineers, PIKE, ZAA, ZCA, ZZA, SEA HARE URCHINBR Conflat A wagons and containers FAV ZYV ZSV ZRV ZXA ZVVLMS 3 plank medium open ZAO ZAV ZXO ZXV ZRVEsso 4-wheel unfit tank wagons98xxx G P TRAMM -BSC & Corus & TATA Scunthorpe steelworks,LMS Brake Vans ZTO ZSO ZFQ RHQ RFQBR Brake van diag 1/506  CAO, CAP, ZSQ, ZTO, ZTP, ZTR, ZTVAxleboxes and Suspension on railway wagonsOn track plant, large cranes etc.95xxx 96xxx  Heavy Duty breakdown cranesInternal user wagons - general in private useBR mainline locomotivesBR Steam locomotivesSouthern Region and AreaRailway road vehicles, tractor shunter and cranes etcStaines Central SR, road trailers & wagonsBR Pooley wagons & vans ZVVRailgrinders DX79206 - 214, DR79262 & 79272, DX79500Tiphook - Murco TDA and shunting locos Tiphook TDA TIPH78200-TIPH78278LNER Departmental coaches and othersEastern series DEBR livestock rolling stock - cattle, special cattle, horseScunthorpe Steelworks general views and locos onlyBR H Hod & C open ContainersEurolease UKF / ICI Anhydrous Ammonia tanks EURL786--Lowmac EP/SC diagram 2/242SECR, SR & BR(S) PMV NPCCS Passenger luggage vansSpecial wagons - othersBR Arm ME EL Diag 2/001BR Lowmac SC/MU XLV diag 2/252BR Lowmac WV Diag 2/248MEA box open mineral wagonBR Coil J wagons converted from Iron ore tipplers KJO SJOClass 47 Brush type 4 DieselFoster Yeoman, Merehead, SomersetSR Departmental coachesLNER Open Merchandise wagons - steel bodied OHV ZGV ZRV ZGOMugatroyd-BPCM 36.5ton Bogie liquid chlorine T201 - 239 TBVoil refineries, terminals, other tank charging. LocosSTS 4-wheel Clayliner tank wagons TTA