Photography with a modellers eye. 55+ years of Wagons!!! Hi, welcome to my site. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Some of the scans are of low quality and will only print at the small sizes, downloads may be poor. These low quality file names end in [m] - check the file size on the picture.

"RMWeb Website of the Year Award Jan 2017" voted 2nd equal place  Oh Dear! Dropped to 5th place in 2018. Hurray, back to 4th in both 2019 and 2020.

George Dent describes the site "One of the best things on the Internet, especially for rolling stock enthusiasts, is Paul Bartlett's amazing collection of photographs. This site contains thousands of images of BR freight vehicles from the 1960s up to privitization, mostly in colour and with many vital detail images that are perfect for the modeller. So good is his collection that many items of rolling stock in the catalogues of Bachmann and Hornby will look familiar to dedicated viewers of his website. While the website is free to search, Paul also offers a print delivery service[and digi download] and there is some useful prototype information about each wagon type on there too”.
There is a longer introduction and explanation in "About" - see the menu above. PLEASE please READ the "ABOUT" BEFORE contacting me. I cannot answer every question about railways and modelling! DO NOT EMAIL.
PLEASE DO NOT USE THE EMBED FEATURE FOR YOUR BLOGS, WEBSITES ETC. I CONSIDER THIS TO BE A BREACH OF MY COPYRIGHT. ZENFOLIO REQUIRES THIS TO BE SWITCHED OFF FOR EVERY PHOTOGRAPH AND I CANNOT DO THIS. ADDING LINKS IS FINE. Copyright will remain for all my photographs on this site for 70 years after my death - which is not yet known. Copyright Notice: Duration of copyright (term) - GOV.UK (

This site is maintained by referrals, purchase of prints, and by requests for publication by commercial publishers. Please contact me via email [email protected] for publication. If you start a Zenfolio site save yourself some money with this Referral Code:YDA-98Z-BBZ

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Guestbook for Paul Bartlett's Photographs
Will Crompton(non-registered)
Wonderful website, photographs and resource - not just to modellers but to railway historians I think.
John Penny(non-registered)
Nice - a life's work! Thanks for the wagon pictures. I'd love to see 'internal use' wagons, some are really freaky. My particular interest is indeed industrial, with The Harton Electric Railway topping the bill.
Keep up the good work.
Martyn Lacey(non-registered)
Great source for modellers and GWR enthusiasts.

Hi I love the photos, am looking forward to seeing more in the future!
Peter Canning(non-registered)
Good evening Paul and followers,

As retired Railway Crane Operator, I have the original cast iron duty chart of one of the cranes that was scrapped, the only ID number on the chart is 363, I am trying to trace the typr of crane it beloged to. the crane was equipped with out riggers so it could be operated in a blocked condition.
i think it was either a coles crane or a Taylor Hubbard, it was operational in Crofton Depot near wakefield during the 60's & 70's.

If anyone can offer any iformation on this rail mounted crane i would be grtaful.

Love the phots.

Kind Regards Pete
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