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As mentioned before fantastic for information ...
Paul Sturm(non-registered)
What a wealth of information and top pics.
Chris Williams(non-registered)
Love the site, great inspiration whilst planning my next model layout
do you have any more from the Associated Octel Ellesmere Port plant - I worked there for years, we had all sorts on site - Sodium ones were always interesting - the sidings were very large and during my apprenticeship it was a real hive of rail activity
Geoff Trenholme(non-registered)
As a railway modeller I find this one of the best locations for wagon details. Currently making 3 x Dapol Prestwin and there is a kit design fault, without your folio of photographs I may never have cracked it !
Dan Deane(non-registered)
Great source of railway information. Thank you!
Really good site ,full of useful information.Fantastic range of photographs.
Paul from Bedfordshire(non-registered)
Just a brief comment to say that this site is excellent - well done, keep up the good work and I wish you success!
nice pics.
You wrote : Belgain open SNCB . SNCB ????
Donald Mc Cleary(non-registered)
Remember well taking in 16 tanks from Esso Bowling when i worked @ the Esso plant @ North Harbour Street in Ayr, usually our train came on a wednesday and you had to turn it around that day, hard graft for 2 men. bigest time was taken before you discharged, you all sorts of checks to do on the product i.e. ullage ,temp of product, water check and tryin to open the lids with a rubber hammer, yes rubber, but great days you had no problems gettin to sleep on a wednesday night. our gaffer new this and we did next to nothing the following day.
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