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Amey Roadstone (ARC) had a fleet of box opens both ex Iron ore tipplers and also new build. Note that the two styles worked together.
PR26801 PTA ARCPR26803 PTA ARCPR26805 PTA ARCPR26814 PTA ARCPR26815 JTA ARCPR26831 JUA ARCPR26832 JRA ARCPR26836 PTA ARCPR26840 PTA ARCPR26844 JUA ARCPR27001 PXA ARCPR27003 PXA ARCPR27003 PXA YeomanPR27004 PXA YeomanPR27005 PXA ARCPR27008 PXA ARCPR27009 PXA ARC [1]PR27009 PXA YeomanPR27010 PXA ARCPR27011 PXA ARC

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