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The breweres Bass Charrington had a small fleet of covhops for carrying grain, some, rivetted were LMS design and the welded were BR. From The Brewery Railways of Burton on Trent" (IRS 1996). For Bass the LMS design were built by Hurst Nelson and numbers 1-6 were acquired in 1956 followed by numbers 7-11 in 1959. Worthington also obtained two vans from Hurst Nelson in 1958. Another eleven vans were purchased by Bass (12-18) and Worthington (3-6) from Charles Roberts & Co Ltd in 1959-60. They adopted the later BR design, although they had additional walkways. These were for internal use. After the closure of the railway, they were used on the main line to bring barley from East Anglia to Burton-on-Trent. This was after the amalgamation and they then carried the name of 'Bass Charrington..."
BCH7821B887821 (!) ex BCH7821 Grain pres @ Swanwick Junction MRC 2013-05-04 � Paul Bartlett wBCH7823 Bass Charrington Grain preserved @ Swanwick Junction MRC 87-04-16 � Paul Bartlett wrB887823 (!) ex BCH7823 Grain pres @ Swanwick Junction MRC 2013-05-04 � Paul Bartlett w

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