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From a prototype in 1975 the frames from 1950s unfitted Bogie Bolster Ds were refurbished and equipped with new bogies, brakes etc. These batches built at Ashford and Shildon and fitted with lever brake, some were modified later. They continue in use, the bodies being 60 years or so old. Cambrian 4mm kit and Bachmann RTR available.
NOTE – These photographs are low quality scans and may not print well. Do not order larger prints.
950000_D.BOLSTER.B.D.A._PROTOTYPE___1m Scunthorpe 78-04-09__950000_D.BOLSTER.B.D.A._PROTOTYPE___2m Scunthorpe 78-04-09_DC950000__m_950012 BMA Railfreight livery Diag BM002A Lot 3907 Ashford 1977 @ Tees Yard 91-08-11 © Paul BartlettDC950013_YAA_BRILL__m_950017_YAA__1m_Dover 88-09-11950017_YAA__m_Dover 88-09-11DC950025_YAA_BRILL__m_950025_BMA__m_Immingham 2003-10-18950026_BDA__1m_Immingham 97-04-03950026_BDA__m_Immingham 97-04-03950027_BDA__m_Ashford Works 77-07-16950032_BDA__m_Ashford Works 77-07-16950041_BDA__1m_@ Immingham 82-04-18950041_BDA__m_being constructed at Ashford Works 77-07-16950043_BDA__m_being constructed at Ashford Works 77-07-16950044_ex_B942303_BDA__m_being constructed at Ashford Works 77-07-16DC950045_YAA_BRILL__m_KDC950046_YVA_NSE__m_DC950050_YAA__m_

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