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The first Bogie bolster D introduced by BR followed the LMS design and used their diamond bogie. 150 were built but then the LNER design became the preferred standard.
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KDB941000_YNO__m_B941018_BDO__m_B941022_D-BOLSTER__m_B941023_BOGIE_BOLSTER_D__m_B941028_081372__m_B941039_D-BOLSTER__m_B941052_BOGIE_BOLSTER_D__m_at Feltham Marshalling Yard 67-11-15B941056_BDO__m_B941082_081386_BDO__m_B941089_BDO__m_B941099_081388__m_B941107_D-BOLSTER__m_B941110_D-BOLSTER__1m_B941110_D-BOLSTER__2m_B941119___081384__m_B941129_BDO__m_

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