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Berry Wiggins operated from Kingsnorth at Hoo, Kent to Gloucestershire and also from Manchester. Their fleet was extremely varied using tank wagons obtained secondhand, many before WW2. Only a little of this variety is illustrated. Later wagons were built new for BW such as No. 170, which is notable for being one of the last unfitted, privately owned, wagons to be built, and unusually it has roller bearings. The fleet was condemned in 1971-2 and did not get TOPS numbers.
Berry Wiggins 2  at Feltham 67-11-15Berry Wiggins 27  at Feltham 68-04-27Berry Wiggins 56  at Feltham 67-11-15Berry Wiggins 81ADB901000 Flatrol WX BW81B901000 Flatrol WX + BW81B901000 Flatrol WX YVPBerry Wiggins 144  at Feltham 67-11-15Berry Wiggins 170  at Feltham 67-11-15

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