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Thanks to Paul Crosfield the magic that is Blakey Festival worked again and these photographs capture the magnificence of Mostly Autumn along with some of the other bands - especially York based Mothers (brilliant set of rock covers) with Stu Fletcher and Fraser Smith (who later joined Shed 7) and the Yards with ex Seahorses Chris Helme and Stu Fletcher.
Mostly Autumn line up was the classic "Andy Smith", “Angela Goldthorpe” “Andy Jennings” "Brian Josh","Heather Findlay", "Iain Jennings", "Liam Davison", Andy Jennings.
AndysevenballLiamYards 3Fraser & StuHeather 4Heather 1Sound checkFour day hombre 2Angie LiamAngie IainAngie Liam 3Heather 11Heather 9PrendoAngie Liam 2Yards 2Sound check 3Yards 4Heather Andy

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