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From the early 1970s BR changed to rebodying hopper wagons with a simpler design which had only two upright side stanchions. Until 1977 the wagons retained their original numbers. Some also received vacuum brake at rebuilding. Later renumbered rebuilds are in another collection.
Scale drawings in: Monk-Steel, David (2022) An illustrated history of British Railways Hopper Wagons. HMRS publishing, Butterley Station, Derbys. 248 + iv pages ISBN 978 0 902835 42 9

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B410000_HTO__m_B410103_HTO__m_B410132_HTO__m_B410300_HTO__m_B411258_HOP21__m_B412012_HTO__m_B412136_HOP21HTO_rebuilt__m_NCB93 ex B413300 21t hopper @ Easington Colliery 88-04-12 � Paul Bartlett wB413484_HOP21HTO_rebuilt__m_B414000 HOP 21 @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB414525_HTO__m_B414800_HOP21_rebuilt__m_B414932_HTO__m_B415558_interior__m_B415561_HTV__m_B416065_HOP_21__m_B416225_HTO__m_B416490_HTV__m_NCB97 ex B416576 21t hopper @ Easington Colliery 88-04-12 � Paul Bartlett wB416872_HOP21HTO_rebuilt__m_

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