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Brake tenders were used by British Railways when the brakes on diesel locomotives were inadequate to control an unfitted train. They were introduced in the early 1960s using bogies recovered from coaches. Genesis make 4mm kits.
Five of the photographs are large and suitable for printing, the others are low quality scans and will not print.
B964002_Diesel_brake_tender__m_B964006_RTV__m_B964007_Diesel_brake_tender_RTV__m_B964014_Diesel_brake_tender_RTV_Pool_9400__m_B964014_Diesel_brake_tender_RTV_end__m_B964017 RTV Radyr 81-09-04 © Paul Bartlett [w]B964024_Diesel_brake_tender__m_B964046 RTV Radyr 81-09-04 © Paul Bartlett [w]B964046_RTV__m_B964081 Swindon Works 75-09-13 © Paul Bartlett [w]B964083_Diesel_brake_tender_RTV__m_B964113 RTV Bristol East 80-09-08 © Paul Bartlett [w]B964113__RTV__m_B964113_RTV__m_083478 (B964120 Hoo Junct 82-11-06 © Paul Bartlett [w]

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John Callum(non-registered)
I'm Glad to find the pictures of the Brake Tenders, also why they were used on Freight trains. Do you know when they were Fazed out on the railway?
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