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BR built just two batches of Bogie bolster Es in 1961-2 a total of 1200 wagons. So, all were relatively modern on David and LLoyd cast bogies. At just 32ft. over headstocks they were very short - shorter than a tube wagon, but the 4 axles meant they had a higher payload. Very popular with engineers many found other uses. [Many others were used for coil which feature in another collection]. Drawings and information can be found in Silsbury, Roger & Mann, Trevor., (1983a) The 30 ton Bogie Bolster E. Model Railway Constructor vol. 50 (part 587) pp 165 - 169. and in Bartlett et al 1985. From 1982 many hundreds were rebuilt as Turbots for the engineers

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B923349_YNV_ex_coil_U__m_Guildford 82-05-29B923358 BEV Bogie Bolster E Diag 1-479 lot 3343 Ashford 1961 @ Stoke Wagon Repairs Ltd 79-10-07 © Paul Bartlett wB923429 YNV Bogie Bolster E @ Wellingborough 82-02-21 © Paul Bartlett wKDB923437_YVV_Cable__m_KDB923443_YVV_Cable__m_DB923467_YNV_LWR__m_B923495_Coil_S__m_Horwich 79-10-27KDB923528 YRV Bogie Bolster E S &T Diag 1-479 lot 3343 Ashford 1961 @ Brent Sidings 79-10-14 © Paul Bartlett wB923558_E_Bolster_VB__m_DB923562 YNV Bogie Bolster E Diag 1-479 lot 3343 Ashford 1961 @ Wellingborough 82-02-21 © Paul Bartlett wKDB923563_YVV_Cable__m_KDB923569 YVV ex  Bogie Bolster E as Cable Drum carrier POOL No. 8453 [Diag 1-479 lot 3343 Ashford 1961] @ Reading West 83-01-23 © Paul Bartlett wDB923604_YNV_floor__m_DB923620 YNV Bogie Bolster E Diag 1-479 lot 3343 Ashford 1961 @ Wellingborough 81-07-18 © Paul Bartlett wB923621 BEV @ Boston Dock 80-05-05 � Paul Bartlett wDB923634_Coil_P_detail__m_DB923634_YNV_Coil_P__m_B923661 32T BOGIE BOLSTER E Tare 15-9 Diag 1-479 lot 3343 Ashford 1961 @ Staines Central 67-07-09 © Paul Bartlett wB923677_BEV_Coil__m_KDB923694_YRV_plank__m_

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