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BR built c4290 Bogie bolster Cs without continous brake. Initially they were similar to GWR wagons but the design evolved with varying arrangements of bolsters and bogies. Generally they went out of use around 1980 and the collection contains transfers to engineers, internal use and crane runners. Watch for the Narrow gauge wagon! Similar wagons built for the engineers are in the PRAWN collection
B922047 BCO @ Warrington BQ 79-05-26 � Paul Bartlett wB922076 C- BOLSTERB922103 BCOB922283 C BOLSTERB922350 C BOLSTERB922361 C BOLSTERB922390 @ Harpenden 79-05-06 © Paul BartlettB922398 BCOB922422 C-BOLSTERB922439 BCOB922461 C-BOLSTERB922472 BCO Bogie bolster C @ March 80-08-09 � Paul Bartlett wB940022 internal use [1]B940022 internal useKDB940026 YVOKDB940144 YNPKDB940186 YNPB940217 = 081001KDB940233 YVO C-BOLSTERBB3415 ex B940233 Bogie Bolster C @ Lackenby 89-07-28 © Paul Bartlett w

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