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Allocated to the standard Bogie Bolster D diagram 1/472 the final 200 were built with Davis & Lloyd bogies and vacuum brake in 1958-9.
B92xxxx_BHV__m_LDB927400_YYW_BOGIE_BOLSTER__m_B927408_BDV__m_B927410_BDV__m_B927416_BDV__m_B927418_BDV__1m_B927418_BDV__m_B927451__m_B927463_JMV__m_B927463 JMV [2]B927465_BOGIE_BOLSTER_D__m_at Feltham Marshalling YardB927482_BDW__m_LDB927484_YYV__1m_LDB927484_YYV__m_B927494_BDV__m_B927503_BDV__m_B927504 D-BOLSTER VB @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB927519__m_927522_BDW__m_B927532_BDW__m_

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