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The 'standard' BR Bogie Bolster D was directly derived from the LNER design and continued diagram 1/472. However the many different batches used a variety of plate bogies, descended from GWR practice. The frames from many of these wagons were rebuilt as BDA, and continue in use.
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B927018__m__at Chesterton Junction 79-04-11B927018_BDO__m_at Chesterton Junction 79-04-11B927046_D-BOLSTER__m_at Ashford Works 77-07-16B927094_BDO__m_at Whitland 78-05-30B927096__m_at Chesterton junction 79-04-11B927099_D-BOLSTER__m_at Feltham Marshalling YardB927120__m_at Ashford Works 77-07-16B927126_BDO__m_at Stoke Wagon Repairs 79-10-07088309__B927130___m_at Hither Green 85-08-03B927168_BDO__m_at Llandeillo Junction 80-09-12B927169_BDO_D-BOLSTER__m_at Toton 78-09-17B927170_BDO__m_at Llandeillo Junction 80-09-12B927172_BDO__m_at Warrington Bank Quay 79-05-27B927282_D-BOLSTER__m_at Swindon Works 75-09-13B927299__m_at Ashford Works 77-07-16B927313__m_at Ashford Works 77-07-16B927342__m_at Toton 78-09-17B927353_BDO__m_at Warrington 79-05-26B927380_BDO__1m_at Whitland 78-05-30B927380_BDO__2m_at Whitland 78-05-30

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