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The final new build Bogie Bolster Ds for BR, 400 built with Gloucester bogies and vacuum brake. Later some were air piped, had wooden coil cradles and had Mecan Cranes. Includes detail photographs.
NOTE most of the photographs are of low scan resolution and may not print.
LDRB96316__B927823___m_B927825_BDW__m_B927830_BOGIE_BOLSTER_D__m_B927830_JMV__1m_B927830_JMV__m_B927846_BDV__m_B927847 BSWB927862_BDW__m_B927865 D-BOLSTER VB @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB927866_BDW__m_B927880_BDW__m_LDB927883_YYV__m_LDRB96320__B927883___1m_LDRB96320__B927883___2m_B927886__m_B927888_LDRB96322__m_B927891_BDV__1m_B927891_BDV__2m_B927897_BDV__m_B927903_BDW__m_

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