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Ten cranes were built by Joseph Booth Rodley in 1958 - 59 for the Western Region of BR. Originally they had the number series 347 - 356 and were renumbered DRA81547 - 81556 for TOPS. They had an 0-8-0 chassis arrangement. They were general purpose Civil Engineers heavy duty diesel hydraulic cranes used out on the line when bridge and such like renewals were being done and also in the engineers yards. All appear to have worked with similar runners, converted from GWR diagram J25 Macaw H (Bogie Bolster A) built on lot 1014 in about 1927 that were 35ft. over headstocks. Some cranes at least also worked with mess vans converted from GWR brake vans. This series of photographs illustrates both the cranes and their runners and mess vans. A 4mm kit by Airfix/Dapol of a crane has a similar superstructure but is mounted on bogies.
Diagrams of many of these are at

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DRA81547_DW68845__m_DRA81547_DW107115__m_DRA81547 = 347 0-8-0   DW107115 @ Radyr 82-04-12 � Paul Bartlett wDRA81547_rear__m_DRA81548_DW35410_verandah__m_DW107105   DRA81548 = 348 0-8-0 @ Plymouth Friary 81-09-02 � Paul Bartlett WDRA81548_DW107105__m_DRA81548 = 348 0-8-0 @ Plymouth Friary 81-09-02 � Paul Bartlett [1w]DRA81548_front__m_DRA81548 = 348 0-8-0 @ Plymouth Friary 81-09-02 � Paul Bartlett [2w]DRA81548_rear__m_DRA81548 = 348 ZOP   DW107105   DW35410 @ Plymouth Friary 81-09-02 � Paul Bartlett wDRA81549_DW17931__m_DRA81549_DW35410_rear__2___m_DRA81549_DW107103_DW35410__m_DRA81549_DW107103__2___m_DRA81549_DW107103__3___m_DRA81549_DW107103__m_DRA81549_front__m_DRA81549 = 349 0-8-0   DW107103 @ Reading West 82-07-24 � Paul Bartlett w

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