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There were two batches of Carfit C built for ferry use during 1958. They were Continental diagram SFV 6212 and by 1983 seven remained as diag E212. Although only 40 wagons they found extensive use as under runners etc. with steel carrying bolsters and by the engineers. Various liveries and detail photographs and two rebuilt as spoil wagons.
GB748110 21 70 414 0000-3ADB748111 ZEXDB748112 ZEX @ Toton 86-09-20 © Paul Bartlett wGB748115 21 70 414 0005-2DB748115 ZEX @ Tees Yard 99-10-10 © Paul Bartlett wGB748116 21 70 414 0006-0B748116 RRXADB748116 ZEXGB748118 21 70 414 0008-6 CAR C @ March 78-09-16 © Paul Bartlett wDB748118 ZEX @ New Cross Gate 85-03-30 © Paul Bartlett wADB748122 ZVX ex Carfit C @ Eight Ash Green, nr. Colchester 80-07-28 � Paul Bartlett wDB748122 ZEXADB748124 ZVXDB748126 ZXXDB748126 ZXX end lftDB748126 ZXX end leftDB748126 ZXX left endDB748126 ZXX side leftDB748126 ZXX brake leverDB748126 ZXX brake

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Brian H Williams(non-registered)
I've seen very few shots of these wagons loaded; the only one I can recollect outside this site was one of a self-propelled gun/tank destroyer being unloaded at Cambridge in one of David Larkin's books. However, on looking today at one of the 'summer specials' published in France (Des marchandises au Fret- Le Train, spécial 69, 1/2012), I found a photo (page 22) of a brace loaded with small tank containers of wine. The photo was taken in May 1965 at Dunkerque. The six containers, of two different sizes, are loaded traversely and secured by what appear to be wire ropes to the loops on the tops of the sides.
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