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10 years after nationalisation BR finally introduced a new design of 4 wheel Covered carriage truck, usually used as a general parcels van. They built 822 very quickly but were relatively short-lived with condemnation in the early 1980s, sometimes followed by use by the engineers.
DB977070 QPVDB977070 QPV [2]S94164 NPVDB977255 QPV061169=DB977154=94226 QRVDB977256 QPVDB977357 QRVS94274 NPVDB977259 QPVDB977071S94354 NOVADB977019 QPVDB977200 QQWDB977200 QQW [2]DB977200 QQW [3]DB977257 QPV [1]DB977257 QPV [2]024497 British Rail Research Derby @ Derby Litchurch Lane 86-09-20 � Paul Bartlett wDB977246 QRVDB977201 QQV

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