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The first design of 4-wheel wagon to carry strip coil. Introduced in 1961 50 were built on underframes diverted from the mineral wagons (lot3390) for use from Summers and later were transferred to S. Wales were they worked with the Coil B. Collection includes detailed photos, drawing in Bartlett et al. Accurascale produced a RTR model in 2021.
B949133 KAVB949134 SFVB949140 KAV COIL A VBB949144  [1]B949144 KAV [3]B949144 KAV [4]B949144 [2] KAVB949145 KBVB949146 [1]B949146 KAVB949146 SFVB949148B949150 KAVB949152 KAV [1]B949152 KAV [2]B949152 KAV [3]B949152 SFV [1a]B949152 SFV [1]B949152 SFV [2]B949154 KAV [1]

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