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British Railways converted Pig Iron wagons to Coil C KCO later SCO wagons and allocated them to diagram 1/423. They mainly worked in South Wales alongside Coil J wagons but could work further carrying strip coil. At least in later years the coils were wrapped during transport. Peco make a 7mm kit for the earlier pig iron wagon.
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B744044_Coil_C_KCO_Pool_7051__m_B744050_Coil_C__m_B744126_Coil_C__m_B744156_Coil_C__m_B744287_Coil_C__m_B744300_SCO__m_B744514_Coil_C_SCO_Pool_7051__m_B744519_Coil_C_Strip_Coil__m_B744529_Coil_C_KCO_Pool_7051__m_B744537_SCO__m_B744796_SCO__m_B744803_Coil_C_SCO_Pool_7051__m_B744813_Coil_C_SCO_Pool_7051__m_B744818_Coil_C__m_B744820_Coil_C__m_B744855_Coil_C__m_B744869_Coil_C__m_B744869_Coil_C_SCO_Pool_7051__m_end_pig_iron__m_Coil C and J for shipment @ Newport Docks 85-04-11 � Paul Bartlett w

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