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Coil J wagons were used by British Railways in South Wales to carry strip coil. With Coil C's they were the last unfitted wagons in regular revenue use on BR. Cold strip coils was covered for transport. The means of wrapping the coils altered with time - a variety are shown - at any one time all of the wrappings would have been similar.
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B380050 KJOB380052 KJOB380099 KJOB380100 KJOB380879 KJOB381377 KJOB381403 KJOB381425 KJOB381814 KJOB381874 KJOB381905 COIL JB381905 KJOB381923 KJOB382216 KJOB382254 KJOB382285 KJOB382485 SJOB382758 KJOB383025 KJOB383229 KJO

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