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The short bogie bolster E was popular for carrying steel in coils. A variety of designs are illustrated here, including some which have passed on to the engineers - not always permanently. More history and drawings of some were published in Silsbury, Roger & Mann, Trevor., (1983a) The 30 ton Bogie Bolster E. Model Railway Constructor vol. 50 (part 587) pp 165 - 169.
NOTE – Some of these photographs are low quality scans (they have an [m] suffix) and may not print well. Do not order larger prints.
DB923349 YNV ex coil U JUV Ex Bogie bolster E [diag 1-467 lot 3343 Ashford 1961] @ Guildford 82-05-29 © Paul Bartlett wDB923376 YNVB923382 BEVB923421 JPVB923438 CoilDB923447 YNVB923455 JPVB923492 BEV Coil PB923495_Coil_S__m_Horwich 79-10-27DB923634 YNV ex Coil P Bogie bolster E diag 1-516 lot 3343 Ashford 1961 @ Wellingborough 82-02-21 © Paul Bartlett wDB923634 YNV [4]DB923634_Coil_P_detail__m_B923677_BEV_Coil__m_DB923754_YRV_Coil_P__m_DB923730 YNVB923758 JPVDB923794 YNVB923818_BEV_Coil__m_B923863 E-BOLSTER. VB CoilB923883 BEV B. BOLSTER. VB

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