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A selection of British Railways rod and strip coil carrying converted from Plate wagons coded as Coil E (KEV), Coil R (KRV) and Coil F (KFV). Details and drawings of some are in Bartlett, Paul W. & Mann, Trevor., (1982) BR Plate Wagons and some related conversions in Model Railway Constructor Annual 1983 pp 92 —112, edited by Leigh, Chris.
NOTE – Some of these photographs are low quality scans (they have an [m] suffix) and may not print well. Do not order larger prints
B931513 KEVB931757_Coil_E_KEV_Pool_7155__m_B932044 KEVB932463 KEVB932496 KEVB932767_Coil_F__ex_Plate___m_B932952 KEVB933095 KEVB933186 KEVB933286 KFVB933301 KEVB933311 KEVB933357 KEVB933501_Coil_E_KEV_Pool_7155__m_B933527 KEVB933585_Coil_E_KEV_Pool_7155__m_B933597_KEV_Pool_7155__m_B933685 KEVB933743 KEVB933767 KEV Coil E Rod ex Plate @ tCardiff Docks 82-04-12 © Paul Bartlett w

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