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For ten years British Railways continued to build Coke hopper wagons to a design used by the LMS and many private companies. When wet, coke is corrosive and the wagons had relatively short lives. The last were condemned in South Wales in 1981. Photographs and drawings were published in the Model Railway Constructor August 1983 pages 478 - 482.
Scale drawings in: Monk-Steel, David (2022) An illustrated history of British Railways Hopper Wagons. HMRS publishing, Butterley Station, Derbys. 248 + iv pages ISBN 978 0 902835 42 9
NOTE – Some of these photographs which end in 'M' are low quality scans and may not print well. I will rescan any when necessary, but this may delay delivery of prints.
P68891__m_B447000__m_B447063_HCO_diag_1-150__m_B447182_diag_1-150_lot_2039__m_TB447408 COKE @ Wellingborough 75-10-12 © Paul Bartlett wB447479_HCO_diag_1-150_end__m_B447479_HCO_diag_1-150_lot_2169__m_B447613 HCO Cond @ Briton Ferry 80-09-11 © Paul Bartlett wB447798_COKE_diag_1-151_lot_2603__m_B447833_COKE_HOP_diag_1-151_lot_2732__m_B447848_COKE_HOP_diag_1-151_lot_2732__m_B447880_COKE_diag_1-151_lot_2732__m_B447958_COKE_HOP_diag_1-151__lot_2859___m_B448030 HCO Cond @ Briton Ferry 80-09-11 © Paul Bartlett wB448144_diag_1-151_Lot_2859__m_B448178 HCO @ Scunthorpe 78-04-09 © Paul Bartlett wB448178_HCO_diag_1-151_lot_2859__m_B448202_COKE_HOP_diag_1-151_lot_2859__m_B448274 COKE @ Derby Works 76-08-14 © Paul Bartlett wB448339 COKE HOP @  Swindon Works 75-09-13  © Paul Bartlett w

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