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BR introduced a standardised design of covered hopper wagon in 1952 and built 1112 up to 1961. They carried powders which could unload by gravity, usually without assistance – although some devices to lift and shake them were fitted to many. With the exception of those rebuilt to carry Sugar, diagram 1/149 (which only illustrated the alteration of loading hatch on the end drawing), there was only a single diagram 1/210 issued although there were batches with an unusual clasp vacuum brake. An unusual number only had through vacuum pipes. Different designs of filler were used for wagons in tripoly phosphate traffic. With a GLW of 35 tons they should have had roller bearings fitted from 1959 but some were not altered. Most were condemned by 1982, replaced by PCA and ‘Polybulks’; B870832 was a fortunate late survivor. Prototype of a forthcoming Bachmann 4mm model.

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