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BR built 40 shorter length ferry opens based on a much earlier SR design but with updated running gear. In later years some were reduced in height and other converted to platform inspection wagons for the Thameslink electrification. Some nice liveries and detail photos! Drawing in BR Wagons by Bartlett et al.
KDB715002 ZXBB715004 OJX endB715004 OJX lowKDB715005 ZGAKDB715005 leftKDB715005 left centreKDB715005 right centreKDB715005 right endKDB715005 endKDB715005 UFADB715008 ZDXLDB715010 ZYXB715016B715016 OJA low bwB715016 OJA lowB715016 OJX lowB715016 doorB715017 OJALDB715018 ZYX platformLDB715018 axleguard

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