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BR hired out 3 designs of tank wagons which were partially fitted for ferry use, diagrams 1/301 & 1/304 for Petrochemicals, and 1/305 for TSL. The engineers used many later, including for the Severn Tunnel Fire control train. Collection includes details. Drawing of 1/305 in Bartlett et al.
B74960- 30-08-52B749600 P Bartlett CollectionDB749601 ZRPB749601__m_DB749604 ZRPB749605B749607_2__m_B749607_1__m_DB749608 ZRPDB749609 ZRP [1]DB749609 ZRP [2]DB749650 500110 ZRRB749650__m_DB749650 ZRR [1]ADB749652 ZRR [1]ADB749652 ZRRDB749656 [1]DB749656 [2]ADB749658 ZRQ [1]ADB749658 ZRQ [2]

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