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Before 1962, British Railways contributed only specialist wagons to the cross channel fleet of wagons that could operate on the train ferries. They then introduced two batches of ferry vans of diagram 1/227 totalling 400 wagons. These were dramatically different at a time when a variety of rather ordinary, small pallet vans and standard vans were being built. However, they were contemporary in design with European vans. Although in early days some were lettered on the doors others were plain. In the later 1970s a number were repainted but this was short lived as many bogie vans began to appear from 1977. They were only 20 years old when condemnation loomed, however as they were vacuum and air braked many were converted for alternative uses. The photographs show a selection of the later uses, which for some included equipping with Bruninghaus suspension. I wonder if the variety of TOPS codes is a record for a single design? (smile) A scale drawing of the van was reproduced as part of Bartlett, Paul W. & Mann, T., (1984) Cross-Channel Ferry Wagons used on BR in Model Railway Constructor Annual 1985 pp 18 - 29, edited by Leigh, Chris.
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B786881 RBX BARRIER WAGON @ Broughton Lane 83-10-02 � Paul Bartlett wB786883 RBX @ Hoo Junction 87-05-30 � Paul Bartlett wLDB786913_ZYX__m_at Kings Norton 91-07-0621_70_239_0_045-9_GB786918_VIX__m_21 70 214 057-7 = GB786930 FERRY VAN @ Staines Central 69-02-27 � Paul Bartlett w21 70 2390 059-0 VIX @ Pitstone 80-11-09 � Paul Bartlett [1w]21 70 2390 059-0 VIX @ Pitstone 80-11-09 � Paul Bartlett [2w]DB786933 ZQB CIVIL ENGINEERS DEPARTMENT @ York 95-01-01 � Paul Bartlett wDB786933_ZQB__m_DB786944 ZSX @ Woking 86-03-21 � Paul Bartlett wDB786948 ZQX TOOL VAN @ York Leeman Road 88-02-20 � Paul Bartlett wB786949_VJX__m_21 70 214 0 078-3 = GB786951 VIX @ Trafford Park 79-10-28 � Paul Bartlett WDB786952_RBX__m_21 70 239 0 083-0 = GB786956 VIX @ Doncaster 81-06-28 � Paul Bartlett w21 70 2140 092-4 = GB786965 @ Doncaster 81-06-28 � Paul Bartlett wDB786968 GROUT TRAIN MESS VAN @ York 88-02-20 � Paul Bartlett WDB786968__m_21 70 239 0 101-0 = GB786974 VIX @ Exeter Riverside 81-09-02 � Paul Bartlett wDB786980_ZSX__m_

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