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A successful prototype B710250 was followed by 112 vacuum braked vans in 1963-4 and then 182 with air brakes in 1966. They were initially used between Dagenham and Halewood and later to Swansea. These vans were 35ft. over headstocks with a 20ft. 9in wb and an extreme width of 8ft. 0 11/16in. Collection has details.
B710250 PrototypeB787034 RBVB787044TDB787044 ZRWB787044 ZRW [2]B787044 ZRWB787047B787073 FordB787074 RBVB787079 RBVB787083 endB787090 axleguardB787090 end angleB787090 endB787090 insideB787090 RBVB787090 side leftB787090 UF leftB787090 UF lf centB787090 UF right

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