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In 1976 BR introduced an airbraked coal hopper for domestic and industrial coal (unlike Merry-go-round hoppers they did not use specialist door operating gear). They were coded HBA and just a few were introduced with Bruninghaus suspension. Remarkably within a couple of years some were repainted in the new Speedlink livery. The Bruninghaus suspension was a success and conversion of the fleet was undertaken quickly during the early 1980s and these wagons were coded HEA. Drawing and information were published in Monk-Steel, David., Bartlett, Paul W. and Mann, Trevor, (1986) BR Air- braked Coal Hopper wagons. in Model Railway Constructor Annual 1987 pp 20 - 36 edited by Leigh, Chris. Also includes HSA, conversion to carry scrap steel.

Survivors lost there ladders from 2002-3.
360xxx HBA end37235 EE Type 3  @ Willington 88-02-15 © Paul Bartlett [2w]042240 ex HEA @ Tees Yard 98-07-19 © Paul Bartlett W360000 HEA 32.5ton Tare 12-850kg Design code HE001C Lot 3881 Shildon 1975 @ Gwaun-cae-Gurwen Colliery 92-08-18 © Paul Bartlett [bww]360000 HEA @ Gwaun-cae-Gurwen Colliery 92-08-18 © Paul Bartlett w360004 HEA @ Dagenham Dock 82-10-03 © Paul Bartlett w360020 HEA @ Fratton 82-05-26 © Paul Bartlett w360040 HEA @ Cardiff Allied Steel & Wire 87-04-22 © Paul Bartlett w360051 HEA @ Reading 86-01-12 © Paul Bartlett w360060 HEA @ Bolsover Coalite 92-11-14 © Paul Bartlett w360067 HEA @ Aldwarke UES 94-09-18 © Paul Bartlett w360074 HEA @ Scunthorpe Corus 2003-04-12 © Paul Bartlett w360086 HEA @ Fratton 82-05-26 © Paul Bartlett w360087 HEA @ Norwich 83-09-22 © Paul Bartlett w360089_RNA__m_360090 HEA Transrail @ Healey Mills 2001-05-12 © Paul Bartlett w360104 HEA @ Radyr 85-04-13 © Paul Bartlett w360112 HEA @ Cwm Mawr Colliery 92-08-18 © Paul Bartlett w360114 HBA 32.5t Tare 13-200kg Des code HB001A Lot 3885 Shildon 1976 @ Hoo Junction 78-03-12 © Paul Bartlett w360143 HSA @ Exeter Riverside 87-10-29 © Paul Bartlett w

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