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There were two batches of the standard unfitted BR iron ore hopper wagon on diagram 1/163 with 1500 built. Some were converted to clasp vacuum brake later, allocated diagram 1/168 and some were used for Sand.
Scale drawings in: Monk-Steel, David (2022) An illustrated history of British Railways Hopper Wagons. HMRS publishing, Butterley Station, Derbys. 248 + iv pages ISBN 978 0 902835 42 9
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B438074_HOP_SAND__m_B438106_ORE_HOP__m_B438133__m_B438184 HJO @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB438187_IRON_ORE__m_B438195_HIO_SAND__m_B438206_H.I.O._SAND__m_B438225_SAND__m_B438244_IRON_ORE__m_B438259_HJO__m_B438310_SAND__m_B438334_IRON_ORE__m_B438370_ORE_HOP__m_B438372_SAND__m_B438400_OREHOP_25__m_B438404_IRON_ORE__1_B438404_IRON_ORE__1m_B438421_HJO_SAND__m_B438435_IRON_ORE__m_B438500_SAND__m_

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