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Introduced in 1957 270 were built, larger than the other BR Iron Ore hoppers at 730 cu ft capacity and vacuum braked. They were for imported ore from Glasgow Central Terminal to Colvilles at Clydebridge, Rutherglen. When the traffic passed to PO bogie tipplers the engineers used some for ballast. Collection includes detailed photographs.
Scale drawings in: Monk-Steel, David (2022) An illustrated history of British Railways Hopper Wagons. HMRS publishing, Butterley Station, Derbys. 248 + iv pages ISBN 978 0 902835 42 9
NOTE – These photographs are low quality scans and may not print well.
B445150_IRON_ORE_@ Shildon 19.02.1957 BR NER Paul Bartlett Colln_m_B445152_HKV_@ Wellingborough 83-10-22_m_B445157_HKV_@ Ebbw Junction 80-09-09_m_B445167_HKV_@ Chester C&W 81-09-20 _m_B445193_HKV_@ Stoke Wagon Repair 79-10-07_1_B445193_HKV_@ Stoke Wagon Repair 79-10-07_2m_B445193_HKV_@ Stoke Wagon Repair 79-10-07_3m_B445211_HKV_@ Warrington Bank Quay 89-02-25_m_DB445216_ZDV_@ Briton Ferry 80-09-11_m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_01_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_02m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_03m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_04m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_05m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_06m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_07m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_08m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_09m_B445223_HKV_Cond @ Wellingborough 84-02-17_m_B445236_HKV_@ Wellingborough 83-10-02_00m_

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