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350 of the standard Iron ore hopper were delivered upgraded by having roller bearings and spindle buffers. Many were rebuilt with vacuum brake. As well as Iron ore some were used for Limestone and Sand.
Scale drawings in: Monk-Steel, David (2022) An illustrated history of British Railways Hopper Wagons. HMRS publishing, Butterley Station, Derbys. 248 + iv pages ISBN 978 0 902835 42 9
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B439714_HJV_IRON_ORE__m_B439717_HJV_VB_LIMESTONE__m_05 ex B439717 Hopper LIMESTONE TRAFFIC @ Lackenby 89-07-28 © Paul Bartlett wB439738_HJV_LIMESTONE_TRAFFIC_ORE_HOP_VB__m_B439744_HJV__m_B439781_HJV_VB_LIMESTONE_TRAFFIC__m_B439781_LIMESTONE_TRAFFIC__m_B439805_HJV_LIMESTONE_TRAFFIC__m_B439811_HJV__m_B439831_SAND__m_B439843_HJO__m_B439865 SAND @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB439883 HOPPER @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB439885_ORE_HOP__m_B439918_IRON_ORE__m_B439937__m_B439953_HOP__m_B439965_IRON_ORE__m_B439983__m_B440023_SAND__m_

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