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BR built a variety of vacuum braked pallet vans including 250 for Izal traffic from a new factory at Chapeltown. They were short lived in that traffic, some temporarily being used for Ford traffic before going from traffic in about 1976. They were unusual in having a 11ft. wheelbase and 18ft. 9 in. over headstocks.
At some stage the auxilliary (J-hanger) suspension was removed.
B782354 PALVANB782361 VPV [1]B782361 VPV [2]B782361 VPV [3]B782361 VPV [4]B782361 VPV [5]B782361 VPV [6]B782365 PALVANB782435 PALVANB782474 official tempB78249880700 [1]80700 [2]80700 [3]

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