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BR built 4 lots of LMS design vans, totalling 3350 varying with plywood and planked bodies. All had LMS clasp vacuum brake from new.
B750081_VAN__m_B750172_VAN__m_ADB750191__m_ADB750246__m_041253____B750340__VAN__1m_041253____B750340___2m_B750340 = 041253 VAN @ Norwich 88-10-25 © Paul Bartlett wB750653__1m_B750653__2m_B750653__3m_B750653__4m_B750653__5m_B750653__m_B750792__m_B750806__m_KDB751313__m_KDB751765_VAN__m_DB751949 LMS design van @ Northampton 80-07-12 � Paul Bartlett wDB751949__m_KDB752256_VAN__m_

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