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BR continued to build the LNER long Tube wagons. They built 500 and the design was popular. Some had extra high ends. Others carried pallets for Ford car parts and had plates fitted to the doors so they could be pushed into place by fork truck tines. The engineers also liked them.
B730005 STVDB730016 ZDVB730042 STVB730050 STVB730058B730076 TUBE V.B.B730078 STVADB730093 ZDVB730098 STV LNER des TUBE VB @ Cardiff Docks 80-09-10 � Paul Bartlett wB730105 STVB730106 STV LNER des Tube high end @ Cardiff Docks 80-09-10 � Paul Bartlett wB730111 TUBEB730115 STV endB730116 STVB730117 STVDB730126 ZAV CODKDB730132B730133 TUBE VBB730143 STVADB730155 ZDV

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