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As part of the 1955 modernisation plan BR began building mineral wagons with a clasp vacuum brake, with two differently sized cylinders and changeover lever. These were unsuitable for many unloading facilities and production ceased. This collection includes one of the very rare rivetted body examples and a few in colliery internal use.
B68909 MCVB68940 MCVB68940 A dead vacuum braked BR mineral @ Tinsley 83-10-01 � Paul Bartlett wDB68952 ZHVB68971 MCVB159988 MCVB160019 MCVB160110 MCVB160396B160415 MCVB160456 MCVB229248_V.B.__m_B261317 MCVDB261382 ZHVB261433 MCV @ Goole 79-04-07 � Paul Bartlett wB261446 MCVB261464 MCVB261650 COAL 16VBB266401 COAL 16VBB266575 MCV

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