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BR introduced a novel design of large flat bottomed mineral wagon in 1952. They continued building them until 1962 with a total of 3395. The only diagram change was to record the later wagons having roller bearings from new and twin door stops. None were vacuum braked and the design went out of use in 1981 (the photographs in this collection at Wellingborough were the last wagons moving to internal use in Yorkshire). Some of the number series continued in use for a few years as some underframes received new single door bodies. By 1968 some had lost their side doors and were branded 'NO DOORS'. Parkside make both 4 and 7mm kits of these wagons and full number series and drawings have been published in Bartlett et al (1985).
B280014 MEO @ Toton 78-09-17 © Paul Bartlett wB280014 MEO Cond @ Wellingborough 82-02-06 © Paul Bartlett wB280111 in the Midlands 68-02-23 © Paul Bartlett wB280235 MEO (without doors) @ Wirksworth 80-04-27 © Paul Bartlett wB280260 MEO @ Toton 78-09-17 © Paul Bartlett wB280357 @ Derby Works 76-08-14 © Paul Bartlett wB280401 MEO @ Toton 78-09-17 © Paul Bartlett wB280555 NO DOORS  @ Derby Works 76-08-14 © Paul Bartlett wB280620 COAL 24� @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB280650 COAL 24 @ Toton 78-09-17 © Paul Bartlett wB281104 COAL 24½ @ Derby Works 76-08-14 © Paul Bartlett w

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Phil Griffin(non-registered)
Really useful database! Identified these 24ton wagons in a photograph I took in August 1967 on the CLC Mid Cheshire line line approaching Northwich from the West. Loco 48699 with complete train of this type wagon. Not sure what the load was.
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