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Parcels rolling stock - Non passenger carrying coaching stock as built to BR designs Britains Railways from the 1950s. Includes BG, GUV, Post office vehicles although TPOs are in a separate collection.
Note that information given on the BGs is incorrect - they were only 57ft. long.
NOTE – These photographs are low quality scans and may not print well. Do not order larger prints.
80214_NNX_Courier__1m_80214_NNX_Courier__m_80217_NNX_Courier__m_80223_NNX_Courier__1m_80223_NNX_Courier__2m_80223_NNX_Courier__m_S80561_NCV_BG__m_E80638_BG_mE80639E_mE80645__m_80665 BG Brake @ Long Marston 92-04-15 � Paul Bartlett [1w]80665 BG Brake @ Long Marston 92-04-15 � Paul Bartlett [2w]M80697_NAV_BG__m_M80743_NAV_BG__m_E80825_BG_ep__m_M80826_NCV_BG__m_email_-_M80863M80877_BG__m_Sc6311 [M80903 92011 92911 ] Locomotive Services Ltd. (Crewe) Generator Car [convert 1992] ex Mk 1 BG [Lot 30162 Pressed Steel 1958 @ York Station 2023-08-25 © Paul Bartlett wM80911_BG__m_

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