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BR dropped a wooden frame inside some open merchandise wagons and used them for coil, suitably labelled, lasting long enough to have their own TOPS code KYV. Previously branded HYBAR COIL.
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B477710_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 81-09-04_m_B477886_HYBAR_COIL_at Kidderminster 77-07-07_m_B477964_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 80-09-09_m_B478071_HYBAR_COIL_at Kidderminster 77-07-07_m_B484886_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 81-09-04_m_B485223_HYBAR_COIL_at Kidderminster 77-07-07_m_B485359_HYBAR_COIL_at Kidderminster 77-07-07_m_B485607_KYV_at Kidderminster 77-07-07_m_B486542_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 81-09-04_m_B491827_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 80-09-09_m_B491997_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 81-09-04_m_B492092_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 80-09-09_m_B492256_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 81-09-04_m_B496734_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 81-09-04_1m_B496734_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 80-09-09_m_B498469_KYV_at Ebbw Junction 81-09-04_m_

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