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BR built a total of 2388 Palvans with heavy doors at diagonal corners using two distinctive brake riggings. Although all had auxiliary suspension they rode poorly causing accidents so most were withdrawn by the mid 1960s, with a few surviving with UIC suspension. Model kits are by Parkside in 4mm kit & Slaters in 7mm.
082798Pallet vanB769901 PALLET VANB769924 = 041258B769924 = 041258 [1]B769924 = 041258 [2]B769951B770045 PALLET VANB772970B772972B773043 adaptorB773053 adaptorB776420 PALVANB776420B776459B776477 BR PALVAN S [1]B776477 [2]B778810 = 041108 PALVAN [1]B778810 = 041108 PALVANB778810 = 041108041257 ex B778893 Palvan @ Kings Lynn 80-08-09 � Paul Bartlett w

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