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Palvans were also converted for use in the Airbrake network around about 1970, although the long link suspension was similar to a conversion used on some vacuum braked vans. The diagram suggests 6 numbers but these do not accord with all that were seen (and one listed was a Standard van to diagram 1/264). Although vans with roller bearings were available all of these converted vans had plain bearings.
Some detail photographs included.
B778971 ABNB778971B779026 VPB [3]B779026 VPB [2]B779026 doorB779026 VPBB779026 endB779026 ax guardB779026 brakesB779026 rtADB781763 ZRBADB781763 ZRB [2]ADB781847 ZRBADB781847 ZRB [1]

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