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BR adapted their standard van to a shock van design by shortening the body by 1 ft. Although three diagrams were issued, none reflect the changes in body from plank to ply, nor the three brake riggings or use of internal shock absorbing gear. All are shown, some in internal use and some in detail. Model kits are available from Slaters in 7mm and Parkside in 4mm.
B850758 SHOCVAN at Staines Central 69-04-17KDB850818 ZDVKDB850818 ZDV [1]KDB850818 ZDV [2]KDB850818 ZDV [3]KDB850818 ZDV [4]KDB850818 ZDV [5]KDB850818 ZDV [6]KDB850818 ZDV [7]KDB850818 ZDV [8]KDB850818 ZDV [9]B850879 SHOCVAN body at Millerhill 89-08-03B850899 SHOCVAN at North Wales 68-01-25TDB851297 SHOCVANB851313 = 083149 at New Cross Gate C&W 85-03-30B851351 SHOCVAN Cond at Whitemoor 76-11-16DB851352 SHOCVANDB851352 = 061020B851400 SHOCVAN Cond @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wB851696 = 096042 loader at Millerhill 89-08-03

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