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A variety of small batches of bogie tank wagons built by Standard Wagon, Chas Roberts, Powell Duffryn, Metro-Cammel and hired to Murco, Elf, Total, UKF Fertiliser, Hays, Gulf, Esso, Ciba-Geigy, Burmah. Includes some before and after rebuilding and details.
BRT84110=20110 Murco [1]BRT84110=20110 Murco [2]BRT84110=20110 Murco [3]BRT84110=20110 Murco [4]BRT84115BRT84116 T.E.A MurcoBRT84117 MurcoBRT84118 TEABRT84121BRT84122 TEA MurcoBRT84127 MurcoBRT84131 TEA TotalBRT84146 TEA ElfBRT84149 TEA ElfBRT84149=20149 ElfBRT84151BRT84154 TEA ElfBRT84154 TotalBRT84184=20304 TEA UKFBRT84185 = 20305 Hays [2]

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