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A variety of small batches of bogie tank wagons built by Standard Wagon, Chas Roberts, Powell Duffryn, Metro-Cammel and hired to Murco, Elf, Total, UKF Fertiliser, Hays, Gulf, Esso, Ciba-Geigy, Burmah. Includes some before and after rebuilding and details.
BRT84110=20110 Murco [1]BRT84110=20110 Murco [2]BRT84110=20110 Murco [3]BRT84110=20110 Murco [4]BRT84115BRT84116 T.E.A MurcoBRT84117 MurcoBRT84118 TEABRT84121BRT84122 TEA MurcoBRT84127 MurcoBRT84131 TEA TotalBRT84146 TEA ElfBRT84149 TEA ElfBRT84149=20149 ElfBRT84151BRT84154 TEA ElfBRT84154 TotalBRT84184=20304 TEA UKFBRT84185 = 20305 Hays [2]

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Tim Barber(non-registered)
Hi Paul, regarding your photos of BRT84295 and BRT84296 - these were two of the first three wagons (along with BRT84294) in the train involved in the 1984 Summit Tunnel fire. These three wagons were not derailed and were taken out by the locomotive crew under fire brigade supervision about 2 hours after the derailment and fire.
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