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Similar in appearance to the LMS Tube, but longer at 32ft. oh with a wb of 18ft. 6in. The first batch of 450 were built unfitted, but most were rebuilt VB. A total of 2350 were built, some had extended height, and the Engineers branded some as 'COD'. The variety of TOPS codes is noteworthy. Parkside Dundas make a 4mm kit for this, although they misdescribe it as diag 1/447. In 7mm the only model I know is by D A Model Engineering - beautiful castings.
B730512 STV BATTEN Tube Diag 1-448 @ Northampton 83-01-08 © Paul Bartlett wB730520 + B731759 no doorsB730529 Tube @ Wellingborough 81-03-08 � Paul Bartlett wB730535 STV BATTENB730557 STV Tube additional high plank Diag 1-448 @ Northampton 83-01-08 © Paul Bartlett wB730622 STV BATTEN Tube @ Wellingborough 80-07-12 � Paul Bartlett wB730669 RBV [1]B730669 RBVB730682 STV BATTENB730738 Tube sheeted  @ Boston Dock 80-05-05 � Paul Bartlett wB730738B730750 STVB730777 TUBE VB BATTENB730794 RBVB730797 STVB730797 STV Tube @ Wellingborough 80-08-26 � Paul Bartlett wB730799 TUBE VBB730811 TUBE VBDB730836 ZDVB730841 TUBE V.B. BATTEN

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