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In 1961 BR converted both Lowfits and Conflat As to Twin Bolsters, being semi-permanently coupled together. They replaced WW2 twins built from mineral wagons, and the bolsters may have come from them. The last use was to Brymbo Steel works.
B450516 + 450825B450825 + 450516B450838 TWINB451286 TWINB451809 SWVB451875 + 452605B451988 [1]B451988B452098 TWINB452170 TWINB452237 + 452606B452286 TWINB452424 + 452558B452499 TWINB452558 + 452424B452596 TWINB452597 + 452645B452605 + 451875B452606 + 452237B452645 + 452597

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